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On-Grid Solar System

On-Grid solar systems are connected to the grid (PLN). The system provides power for the load's electricity demand from morning until afternoon. Any excess energy generation is exported (sold) to PLN via Net Metering. The owner reduces monthly electricity bills and generates cost savings.

Off-Grid Solar System

Off-Grid solar systems are independent from the grid (PLN). The system uses batteries for energy storage when there is excess solar energy generation. The stored energy can be used at night. The system is suitable for rural locations with no grid access. It is also a clean alternative to genset.

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Hybrid Solar System

Hybrid solar systems are a combination of On-Grid and Off-Grid systems. A Hybrid solar system is connected to the grid (PLN) while also utilizing energy storage technologies. This system provides reliable backup power when the grid is down. PLTS owner also benefits from reduced electricity bill cost savings.


In addition to solar power systems, SMSolar offers a variety of related accessories, including the Orbit Battery Terminal Insulator (BTI), and Electrostatic Discharge Paper Packaging (ESD).

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