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Solar Growth in Indonesia

On September 13 2017, the Minister of ESDM along with solar energy activists declared Gerakan Nasional Sejuta Surya Atap (GNSSA) to support and encourage the 23% renewable energy target by 2025, where solar electricity will contribute 14% or 6.4 GW of the 45 GW capacity of electricity generation. Through GNSSA, it is hoped that there will be an increase in green jobs, jobs related to clean energy or green energy.

Ever since 2017, there has been some progress seen in the development of solar energy. In terms of regulations, the Minister of ESDM No. 49/2018 and No. 12 & 13 of 2019 have been issued, all regulating the use of rooftop solar energy. Haris Yahya, the Director of Aneka Energi Baru dan Energi Terbarukan, mentions that there is an obligation to use a minimum of 30% solar cells for the roofs of government office buildings, and 25% solar cells for the roofs of upper-class residencies and commercial buildings.

Besides that, according to PLN January 2020 data, rooftop solar energy has been installed for more than 1,700 units with a total capacity of more than 7,500 kW. This achievement will contribute to reducing emissions by 8.496 tons of carbon dioxide per year.

From 2017 until June of 2020, data from the Ministry of ESDM suggests:

  1. 2,346 rooftop solar panels were installed

  2. >1,300 new installations with a total capacity of 11.5 MW

  3. An increase in solar panel users

Of all regions, the most interest in solar panels comes from Jakarta, which is in DKI Jakarta, followed by Banten, East Java, then Central Java (Yogyakarta, Bali, and Aceh). It is seen that there is high potential in installing solar panels in suburban/ rural areas, especially in eastern Indonesia. In most cases, these areas actually are in need of assistance in terms of electricity services. Thus, in the end, it is ultimately a mutually beneficial exchange--as we progress in reaching the national energy mix target by 2025 and achieve a more sustainable future, the country will also be able to save more costs and provide better electricity services.

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